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Can Surfers Change the World?

By AppetiteCreative

This week we announced our partnership with Sustainable Surf, a California-based non-profit that protects and restores ocean health by shift







This week we announced our partnership with Sustainable Surf, a California-based non-profit that protects and restores ocean health by shifting people to a highly desirable, low -carbon, ‘Deep Blue’ lifestyle. This is our first U.S. Partnership in our new campaign ‘Rise With The Tide’, which highlights our coastal roots by following inspirational stories of those whose lives have been shaped by the sea.

Founded in 2011 by Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden, Sustainable Surf was created as a non-profit organization to unlock the potential of the global surf community and encourage them to become leaders in protecting ocean health and creating a sustainable future. Since its establishment, Sustainable Surf have had a significant impact around the world by helping surfers and surf companies choose more sustainable alternatives to protect ocean ecosystems.

The Rise With The Tide Sustainable Surf episode explores the question, can surfers change the world.

We joined Kevin and Michael in California, where they shared their vision on how the surfing community and consumers can live a more ocean-friendly life, one that is better for themselves, the community and ultimately the entire world. Their drive to find a way to solve the most pressing environmental issues facing oceans today lead them to create innovative programming such as The ECOBOARD Project, which reduces carbon footprints, increases the use (and reuse) of renewable, recycled and up-cycled inputs, and reduces overall toxicity within the surfboard manufacturing process.

“We’re grateful to Old Pulteney to have this platform to share our story,” said Kevin, co-founder of Sustainable Surf.   “Similar to our friends at Old Pulteney, we know rewards are gained with patience. They wait for 12, 15 or even 18 years to see results and much like them, what we’re doing takes decades to ensure that future generations can enjoy the sea in the same way we do today.”

“The sea has presented incredible opportunities for so many in many different ways. Rise With The Tide is about sharing these stories, and to provide a platform for those using the sea’s power to do good, like Sustainable Surf,” commented Malcolm Waring Pulteney Distillery Manager. “Kevin and Michael know all about the power and rewards of the sea, and that’s a value we hold dear here at Pulteney. They work tirelessly to harness the power of the global surfing community to protect the future of their ocean playground. They changed the game by recognizing that their sport can be used as a platform to encourage a more sustainable, eco-friendly way of life, and the development of The ECOBOARD Project has made this a possibility for so many around the world.”

Rise with the Tide launched in the UK earlier this month with the introduction of our first partner, renowned cameraman Doug Allen who specializes in wildlife filming, particularly underwater. His 35-year career has seen him work on more than 65 films and documentaries, including the renowned Blue Planet, narrated by David Attenborough. His work includes eight Emmys and four BAFTAs. An outspoken ambassador for protecting our oceans against the effects of climate change, his life has been shaped by the sea, starting from the moment he tried on his first diving mask and learning to dive in Scottish waters.

Rise With the Tide Episode 1 ( explores Allen’s best moments and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, diving into the beauty of the UK’s coastline, and opens up about the significance of patience, an important virtue when working with nature. Often shooting for days or weeks at a time, he recognises that the biggest rewards in life only come one way – with patience – something we are familiar with too.

Sustainable Surf’s Rise With The Tide story is the second episode in the series and launched on September 26th via View the episodes via You Tube.

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