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Announcing the launch of maritime photography competition

By AppetiteCreative

The search has now begun for some of the best British seaside photographs which encapsulate the nostalgic “Wish You Were Here” postcard.







We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our prestigious photography competition, ‘Wish You Were Here’, now in its 11th year.

Our team are beginning our annual search on 3rd April 2016 to find some of the best British seaside photographs which encapsulate the nostalgic “Wish You Were Here” postcard and strongly connect with the malt’s maritime heritage.

The competition celebrates the nautical origins of Old Pulteney while discovering some of the UK’s most gifted amateur photographers whose images have been praised for their skill, originality and creativity.

Attracting over 3,000 applicants each year, the popular contest boasts a £2,500 cash prize and an exclusive tour for two around our Wick-based Pulteney Distillery. The winning photographer, who will be featured in the Sunday Express with their chosen image, will also receive the rare opportunity to fill their very own bottle of Old Pulteney whisky. 

Last year’s competition winner, Steve Jackson from Redcar said: 

I’ve always liked taking photos for as long as I can remember, but my real enthusiasm started with the advent of digital cameras and the ability to see the image captured straight away.

Instead of having to wait weeks for a film to be developed and the prints returned with far too many stickers saying where I went wrong, it’s now possible to see the mistakes instantly and retake the shot. That process has allowed me to learn far more than I ever did the old way and to now have a winning image proves I must have learned something along the way!

To use a local expression, ‘I’m right chuffed’ to win and Dungeness, where the winning shot was taken, is a marvellous and very popular photographic location, even if it did take me three visits to get the right light!

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