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‘Scotch Scholarship’ with Allt om Whisky

By AppetiteCreative

Together with our friends at the Allt om Whisky magazine we’ve decided it was time to show our appreciation and give some love back.







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In a few places in the world, the love for Old Pulteney runs deeper than in Sweden. Our Nordic brothers and sisters across the North Sea clearly appreciate our single malt’s rich, maritime character and unmistakable distillery style. Swedes also count among the nations most frequently visiting us here in Wick. Together with our friends at the Allt om Whisky magazine we’ve decided it was time to show our appreciation and give some love back. And that’s how the Old Pulteney ‘Scholarship’ came to be.

The idea was quite simple. Allt om Whisky gave its readers an opportunity to apply for a whisky-making course at Pulteney Distillery. A lovely couple – Frida and David – were selected and before long they found themselves in Scotland, changing into overalls and really sinking their teeth into the business of milling, mashing, fermenting and distilling single malt spirit.

We have to say, hand on heart, that Frida and David did very well. For two days they worked alongside the team, our manager Malcolm Waring and brothers Russell and Charlie Angus who operated the site at the time. We tried to give them as much insight and detailed information as we could during their stay and give them an authentic, hands-on experience. We were proud to see them take their first steps into producing Old Pulteney.

But it wasn’t all learning. Frida and David had another important job. They helped us select a very special single cask which will be available exclusively to the Allt om Whisky readers this Autumn. So watch this space, Swedish fans; all the details will follow in the next issue of your favourite magazine in June (No 3, 2015). That’s also where you will find a detailed report of Frida and David’s stay with us and what they made of it. For now, Frida said:

“I am grateful to have experienced this in a distillery that feels as genuine as the journey itself.”

The Allt om Whisky ‘Scholarship’ was a special one-off project but anyone can visit us at the distillery and take a behind-the-scenes tour of the site. For information on how to book a visit and a handful of practical information please click here.

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