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With traditional warehouses exposed to the invigorating sea air blowing in off the North Sea, Old Pulteney captures the taste of the sea in every drop of its liquid gold. From subtle coastal chords to more defined salty notes, the flavour of our whiskies says much about the role and influence of our home.

Our whiskies range from award-winning, definitive single malts to critically acclaimed limited-edition releases, each defined and shaped by our inspiringly distinctive and lively coastal location.


12 Years

Our definitive expression…

The distinctly salty flavours of the Caithness coast and the influence of fine American oak, make this award winning 12 Years Old stand out as our definitive expression. Matured exclusively in air-dried ex-bourbon casks, this sparkling gold whisky is smooth and firm bodied. A subtle wisp of sea spray and sweet honey open to warm salted caramel and a burst of soft citrus, steadily followed by a faintly salty long-lasting finish.

 ABV: 40%

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15 Years

Balanced & Intense

Surrounded by the salty sea air of Wick, our 15 Years Old is matured firstly in American ex-bourbon casks before a further maturation in Spanish ex-oloroso casks to produce a well-balanced yet intense expression. This rich amber whisky evokes notes of dried fruits, vanilla, and honey on the nose; fig, red apple and fresh spices layered with rich chocolate and toffee on the palate. Delicate elements of mineral saltiness awaken on the long smooth finish.

 ABV: 46%

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18 Years

Indulgent & Warming

Distilled in the damp, briny sea air of Wick, our 18 Years Old is truly a product of its maritime environment. Matured in ex-bourbon and Spanish sherry casks, this deep amber expression presents indulgent top notes of soft spice, creamy toffee, and rich honey before delivering a solid balance of chocolate and creamy vanilla on the palate. The faintest wisp of saltiness leads to a long smooth finish of citrus and green apple.

 ABV: 46%

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Smoky & Sweet

Named in honour of its birthplace next to the sea, Huddart is a lively whisky, brimming with character, depth and personality. Its maturation, firstly in hand-selected ex-bourbon casks and then in ex-peated malt casks, gives this rich gold expression a distinctively smoky tone. Warm honey, mellow wood smoke and leather encounter elements of salted caramel and sweet vanilla; a coastal saltiness with a hint of spice linger subtly in the background. 

 ABV 46%

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Old Pulteney Harbour is deliciously fragrant with notes of creamy vanilla and coconut up front, followed by rich citrus of marmalade and tangerines, lemon drizzle cake sweetness and a spicy undertone of fresh oak. 

 ABV 40%

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