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What are the best gifts for a whisky fan?

By AppetiteCreative

We’ve got whisky gifts wrapped up when it comes to that all-important present for someone with a taste for Scotch.







We’ve got whisky gifts wrapped up when it comes to that all-important present for someone with a taste for Scotch.

First, let us rule out the obvious, a bottle of fine single malt Scotch whisky. That’s not to say that a bottle may not be the perfect gift for Christmas, a special anniversary, birthday or even just quite simply to say ‘thank you’, but there are plenty more great gifts to consider so let us share with you a splash of Scotch whisky gift inspiration…

Whisky Distillery Tour Experience

Arguably one of the greatest gifts that you can give is a new experience and what better experience for a whisky lover than a tour of their favourite Distillery.

A guided tour will generally take around an hour as the guest is invited behind-the-scenes to explore the process of making Scotch whisky before they enjoy a dram.  Tours are not available at all distilleries and generally need to be booked in advance, however with a little planning a whisky distillery tour experience could just make for the perfect gift idea.

The Whisky Glass

It must be said that a fine whisky deserves an equally fine glass.

Our whisky glass of choice here at Pulteney Distillery is the ‘Glencairn Glass’, a style of glass created by Raymond Davidson the manager of Glencairn Crystal Ltd. Since it’s first production in 2001 the crystal whisky glass itself is often considered to be the official single malt whisky glass and makes for a great gift no matter how experienced you are. Glasses can be purchased directly from Glencairn Crystal Ltd, and of course if the recipient is a fan of Old Pulteney you can buy branded Old Pulteney Glencairn whisky glasses at just £6 from our online shop or Distillery Visitor Center.

On the other hand, for those looking for an alternative to the traditional Glencarin Glass the recently launched Norlan Whisky Glass could offer the perfect alternative.  Norlan’s Kickstarter campaign funded it’s game-changing namesake whisky glass in 2015. The glass itself seeks to transform the way whisky is enjoyed through a design which combines the advanced aromatic delivery of a snifter with the aesthetic virtues of a tumbler and can be purchased through the Norlan website.

Read more about selecting a whisky glass type here.

Solid Oak Gifts (made using reclaimed whisky barrels)

From dram sets to cufflinks a Google search for “reclaimed whisky barrel gift” will reveal a host of suppliers creating unique handcrafted products from pieces of oak previously used in whisky barrels. So no matter for what reason you are looking to purchase a gift – birthday, wedding, new home, anniversary, or simply a little treat – a solid oak gift may just been what your looking for to captures a piece of whisky making history.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society Membership

Last, but most certainly not least if you’re seeking to invest in a gift with a difference The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (the world’s leading whisky club with a community of more than 26,000 members) offers a range of membership packages, which can even be tailored with optional extras. Visit their website to discover how you can create your own personalised gift membership featuring whisky tasting tickets, drams and bottles.

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