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Forty Years in the Making

By AppetiteCreative

We’re delighted to unveil our oldest and rarest bottling of single malt from the distillery, Old Pulteney 40 Years Old.







Here at Pulteney we are really excited to finally unveil our oldest and rarest bottling of single malt from the distillery. This extraordinary whisky was made in the early seventies and has lain untouched in our warehouse for over 40 years.

Like all our whiskies, the character of this one has been shaped by our windswept, coastal town. The years of maturation have created a beautifully complex whisky featuring aromas like fruit, butterscotch, oak and cloves on the nose and the taste offers sweetness, with flavours such as spices, brine and orange. 

A long journey

Whilst the spirit has lain quietly maturing, the work to create a suitably beautiful bottle was a real labour of love for everyone up here and comes as a result of intense, painstaking work by many people in Caithness and beyond. 

The deep blue bottle is completely unique, hand-blown by local craftsmen at The Tudor Crystal Design company and its sister company Plowden and Thompson’s, they were then finished with solid silver melted and blown across the glass to form a wave pattern. The craftsmen even managed to replicate our trademark ‘Smuggler’s Kettle’ shape of the Old Pulteney stills. The famous local Caithness Stone Industries also helped us out by making the stopper, whittled and polished to perfection by their expertise.

If you are lucky enough to ever own one of our bottles you can read the full history of the distillery and the whisky in a signed coffee-table book by Charles MacLean. In the meantime why not take the trip up North and come and find out for yourself.

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