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Meet Our Hometown in Wick, Caithness

By Old Pulteney

Every story starts somewhere, and ours starts on the North Coast of Scotland, the town of Wick.


Rise With The Tide




Old Pulteney

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Every story starts somewhere, and ours starts on the North Coast of Scotland – the town of Wick. Once the herring capital of Europe, Old Pulteney’s hometown is brimming with rich Maritime history. The shoreline, its streets, the sharp characterful cliffs, and indeed our distillery have been shaped by the ever-present tide of the North Sea over time.

Since Old Pulteney opened its doors in 1826, our casks have rested amongst the coastal air, giving our whisky its signature briny flavour and the ability to truly wear the title of The Maritime Malt.

In this film, we show you our coastal hometown, the thriving community that live here, and how for all the change that’s occurred over the years, Old Pulteney and The Spirit of Wick remain constant. Our community, like us, work hand in hand with the sea, and it’s with patience and dedication that we’re able to harness the power of each swell to do what we do best.

From our distillery team who’ve grown up together, to the salty air that permeates our casks, there’s certainly nowhere else in the world you could make Old Pulteney Single Malt Whisky as we know it today. And if you ask us, there’s nowhere else we’d want to.

Let’s raise a glass to the town that knows what it means to Rise With The Tide.

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