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Burns’ Night 2016 – poetry, supper and Scotch whisky

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we’re thrilled to share pointers on what we at Old Pulteney believe is the key to hosting the ultimate whisky infused Burns’ Night.







January 25th marks the annual celebration of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns.  Across the globe, tartan is dusted off and tribute is paid on Burns’ Night through the ritual of a traditional Burns’ Supper, complete with renditions of his poetry and drams’ of fine Scotch whisky.

Ahead of this year’s celebrations, we’re thrilled to share a few pointers from our team on what we at Old Pulteney believe is the key to hosting the ultimate whisky infused Burns’ Night.

What to food to serve on Burns’ Night

The iconic haggis, the centrepiece of a Burns’ Supper menu remains and just like the food menu the ceremony hasn’t changed much over the years.

Whilst the traditional haggis recipe of Scottish sausage made from a sheep’s stomach and stuffed with diced sheep’s liver, lungs and heart, oatmeal, onion, and suet may not appeal to all, it’s worth noting that most haggis nowadays is sold and cooked in a synthetic sausage casing.  What’s more vegetarian alternatives are available too, offering a tasty alternative for non-meat eaters!

Whisky sauce 

In addition to neeps (swedes) and tatties (mashed potato), there’s no better accompaniment to your haggis than a mouth-watering creamy whisky sauce. 

Creating a whisky sauce takes around 10 minutes, so why not set aside a little time to craft your very own Old Pulteney Scotch whisky sauce as a complement to haggis this Burns’ Night.   Not sure how to make whisky sauce? – click here to visit BBC Food for recipe inspiration.

What to drink on Burns’ Night

Since the dawn of Burns’ Suppers over 200 years ago whisky has been the tipple of choice to accompany the meal and toast Robert Burns’ himself and who are we to argue with that!

When it comes to the Old Pulteney there’s a dram of Scotdch to perfectly match with each course:

  • Start the evening with a whisky inspired welcome cocktail. 
    We love ‘Don’t thistle my pink’, an award-winning cocktail combining Scottish Gin Caorunn and Old Pulteney.  Visit the Caorunn website for this inspired gin and whisky cocktail recipe.
  • Toast the “Address to the haggis” with a dram of Old Pulteney 21 Years Old. 
    Multi-award winning 21 Years Old is the perfect dram to honour Robert Burns, not only has the expression recently been awarded Gold in the International Spirits competition 2016, but it was also voted 2012 World Whisky of the Year by the prestigious “Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.”, Scoring a record-equalling 97.5 points out of 100.
  • Pour a dram of Old Pulteney 12 Years Old to complement your starter of Cullen Skink. 
    Old Pulteney 12 Years Old’s citrusy and salty back notes are complemented perfectly with seafood so this dram makes a natural choice to be enjoyed alongside your traditional starter.
  • A main of haggis, neeps and tatties enjoyed with a dram of Old Putleney 17 Years Old.  
    This expressions distinct character and noticeable oak flavour make a perfect complement to your main Burns’ Supper dish.
  • Last orders.  Another dram or 17 Years Old or Old Putleney Stroma whisky liqueur served over crushed ice?

If you’re enjoying a traditional dessert of Cranachan then why not continue from your main course and savour another dram of Old Pulteney 17 Years Old.  Or, as an alternative to dessert a generous measure of Old Pulteney Stroma whisky liqueur served over crushed ice. 

Facts about Robert Burns to kick start Burns’ Supper conversation

The legacy of one of Scotland’s most iconic literary figures is rich, and whilst most will be familiar with Burns’ Night customs and his famous works we’ve gathered three lesser known interesting facts that are certain to kick start the conversation during your Burns’ Supper:

  1. There are more statues dedicated to Robert Burns around the world than any other non-religious figure, after Queen Victoria and Christopher Columbus.
  2. His poem “A Red, Red Rose” was apparently Bob Dylan’s greatest creative inspiration.
  3. Robert Burns was the first person ever to feature on a commemorative bottle of Coca-Cola, in 2009.

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