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Enjoy an Old Pulteney in Edinburgh

By AppetiteCreative

Check out our list of five of our favourite bars where you’re sure to find Old Pulteney and other great whiskies…







Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is one of the greatest cities in the world. And in August it comes to life with a particular gusto as several big festivals happen there at the same time. Referred to simply as ‘the festival’ by the locals, this massive combined event attracting hosts of visitors from around the world has something for everyone. Even a whisky fan.

While the Whisky Fringe, a three day festival in Edinburgh where you can visit our stand for a chat and a dram, is an obvious option for a single malt aficionado, it’s worth remembering that Edinburgh is also one of the best places in the world to go out for a dram or two of single malt. If you’re heading to the Auld Reekie this summer and wondering where to go for a decent tipple, here’s something that should help. A list of five of our favourite bars where you’re sure to find Old Pulteney and other great whiskies.

Whiski Rooms 

4-7 north bank Street

Whiski Rooms may not win awards for spelling but it’s a great spot on the map of the Old Town in Edinburgh. Located at the top of the Mound, this whisky bar offers great views across New Town on a clear day. They have an extensive whisky selection, that goes without saying. The bar staff will help to guide you through the meanders of their heavily packed shelves and if something is particularly to your liking, they have a shop right next to the bar where you can pick up a bottle. You’ll find different Old Pulteney expressions on the menu and you are definitely in safe hands when it comes to serving single malts just right.

The Bow Bar 

80 West Bow

While Whisky Rooms is a new concept venue and often busy with tourists, The Bow Bar on the other side of the Castle Hill offers a more relaxed experience. It’s a small bar with a great heart. They care about single malt whiskies and real ales as much as you do and the drinks are reasonably priced. Go there for a very authentic Edinburgh experience as the place is adored by local malt buffs. Oh, and tell them we sent you.


26 William Street

The streets of the Old Town are constantly packed in August and after a while you may want to go somewhere where pavements are actually used for walking and not performing. Just a short stroll away from all the action, at the West End of New Town is Teuchters, one of our favourite pubs of all times. Teuchter is a Lowland Scots word describing a Highlander or generally anyone from a rural background. It may be considered offensive, depending on the use, but in this case it just marks a deep-rooted love for all things Scottish. Head to this great little place for authentic food, a good selection of single malts and beers and, above all, a unique friendly atmosphere of a quiet local pub, conveniently close to the heart of a bustling city.

The Last Word 

44 St Stephen Street

If you’re wondering if during your visit to Scotland’s capital this summer you should venture out of the city centre, wonder no more. You definitely should. One of the areas popular with the locals but massively under-represented in guide books is Stockbridge with its excellent bars and restaurants, easy access to the Water of Leith walkway and the Royal Botanic Gardens close at hand. If you can only spend a couple of hours there though, head straight to The Last Word. It’s a top notch cocktail bar staffed by a creative and skilled young host of bartenders, boasting a drinks list to remember. Just a word of warning, they are obsessed with Chartreuse. Don’t let them put any in your Old Pulteney.

The Lioness of Leith 

21-25 Duke Street

The Lioness of Leith is close to our hearts for more reason’s than we can count. It’s located in Leith, for one, Edinburgh’s port district once run-down and considered dangerous, now positively booming with development and activity and one of the coolest parts of the city. But The Lioness goes beyond just being in a good spot. It has a slightly bohemian vibe accentuated by tastefully eclectic décor. On weekdays it focuses on a great food menu and on the weekends you can let your hair down there with the DJ playing and a dram of Old Pulteney always happily, and properly, served.

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