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Meet Anna Deacon & Vicky Allan

By Old Pulteney

An animation bringing to life the thoughts and feelings of wild swimmers Anna Deacon and Vicky Allan.


Rise With The Tide




Old Pulteney

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1 Minute

Our Rise With The Tide series shares the stories of those who, like Old Pulteney, have worked in close partnership with the sea to do remarkable things.

Without the ocean, they might have never found each other. Anna Deacon is a photographer. Vicky Allan is a journalist. Both leading busy lives in the city, they felt the need to retreat back to their roots, to reconnect with nature.

Now, they are co-authors of ‘Taking the Plunge’ a story of partnership – with each other and with the sea. The book explores their ‘wild swimming’ journey, all the benefits of being immersed in open water and the positive impact the ocean has had on their lives.

‘I feel like I’ve come home and found that missing part of me that I was searching for my whole life’

Anna Deacon

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