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New Traveller Exclusive Whiskies Join Old Pulteney’s Fleet

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Staying true to our maritime roots we set sail with our new fleet of traveller exclusive whiskies at Viking Line Cinderella Whisky Fair.







Staying true to our maritime roots, our chief whisky blender, Mark Williamson, set sail on the Viking Line Cinderella Whisky Fair, the world’s largest floating whisky fair, sailing from Stockholm, Sweden to Mariehamn, Finland to launch our new Traveller Exclusive fleet.

The new traveller exclusive collection features; 10 Years Old, 2006 Vintage and 16 Years Old, The Viking Line Cinderella Whisky Fair was the perfect opportunity to share our new whiskies as whisky fans came together from across the Nordic Nations during three twenty-four-hour return sailings.

Our new exclusive whiskies continue to reflect the place in which our whisky distillery lies, the lively coastal Caithness town of Wick. Infused by a unique combination of brisk sea air and careful cask selection the whisky captures the taste of the sea in every drop.

10 Years Old

Old Pulteney 10 Years Old, is a welcoming and warming whisky that clearly reflects the renowned character of the classic Maritime Malt.

Matured for 10 years in second-fill American oak, ex-bourbon barrels, this whisky is defined by a seamless union of rich sweetness and tangy citrus vibrancy, capturing the spirit of the sea through hints of salt.

This golden nectar embraces a subtle spectrum of flavours from creamy vanilla and toffee to fragrant floral notes and mellow spice. A touch of leather adds complexity to a lovely lingering finish.

Offered in the one-litre bottle so popular in global travel retail, 10 Years Old is available from £40 and has an ABV of 40%.

 2006 Vintage

Our popular 2006 Vintage, now joins our core collection with a refreshed look, this small-batch whisky is matured in hand-selected first fill ex-bourbon American Oak barrels chosen by our Distillery Manager, Malcolm Waring to perfectly optimise the flavour intensity and create a well-rounded sweetness.

Polished copper in colour, this vintage single malt captures and celebrates a vibrant and rewarding moment in our history.

Elegant and energetic, this whisky offers a complex diversity of flavours: Intense melting-toffee sweetness and refreshing, spicy overtones join the classic salty sea note, contrasted with crisper, refreshing flavours of coconut, citrus and green apples. The complexity builds on the palate and culminates in a spicy fizzing finish of caramel and freshly ground spices.

2006 Vintage is an energetic whisky with much to offer in terms of diversity.

Also available in a one-litre bottle with an ABV of 46%, 2006 Vintage is non-chill filtered with natural colour, and is available at an RRP of £50.


16 Years Old

Old Pulteney16 Years Old is exclusive and exceptionally rare, first matured in American oak ex-bourbon barrels and then further matured in Spanish oak casks that have been seasoned with Oloroso sherry. The specific casks selection combined with a unique coastal influence creates an enriching whisky defined by spice and intensity.

Arguably one of the most comforting and fulfilling single malt experiences, Old Pulteney 16 Years Old is sweet, spicy and intense, sitting firmly in the seat of opulence.

Full-on spicy fruitiness is tempered by honeyed vanilla and a faint floral fragrance, while comforting chocolate notes hint at the indulgence to come. Each dram is packed full of juicy spices and mouth-coating richness, with hints of fresh green apples and seductive sweet toffee lending this whisky a long delicious finish. From spicy fruitiness to the balance of honeyed vanilla, there is a rich sweet seam through every drop of this single malt.

Non-chill filtered and with a natural colour, Old Pulteney 16 Years Old has an ABV of 46% and is offered at an RRP of £80 for a 70cl bottle.

Our new travel exclusive collection will be docking in duty-free outlets globally over the coming weeks.

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