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‘Wish You Were Here’ 2017

By AppetiteCreative

We’re raising a dram to our 2017 winner, Gerry White, of our annual ‘Wish You Were Here’ photography competition.







We’re delighted to announce amateur photographer, Gerry White from Dorset, has won our annual ‘Wish You Were Here’ photography competition with his stunning photograph called ‘Just Look!’.

Beating thousands of entries, the winning photograph captures the vast coast and countryside, with a majestic and calming sunset being overlooked by a local wandering pony.

Mr White, a loving husband and Postman from Dorset, said: “I’m shocked and delighted to win. I was walking my dog and stopped to take in the view as I often do. On this particular walk, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one appreciating the scenery and I managed to capture a really special moment. I can’t wait to visit the distillery and I’ll likely spend the money on a seaside holiday and some more camera equipment to continue my hobby.”

The ‘Wish You Were Here’ photography competition aims to honour our nautical heritage and celebrate the British love for the seaside. The single malt scotch whisky company, fondly known for being the ‘Maritime Malt’, invited Brits to revitalise the concept of the traditional ‘wish you were here’ postcard for a chance to win a £2,500 cash prize and a visit to the Pulteney Distillery.

Jeremey Sutton-Hibbert, a professional photographer and competition judge, said: “It was such a pleasure reviewing all of the entries – enthusiasm and passion for the coast really shone through and it reminded me that we live in a beautiful part of the world. While it was a tough decision, Just Look! stood out to me and is a worthy winner. It really made me wish I was there, walking, enjoying the fresh air, the light of the coast, hearing the horse, before heading home for a golden dram.”

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