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Maltstock Whisky Festival

By AppetiteCreative

When two sea-faring and whisky-loving nations come together, good things happen.







When two sea-faring and whisky-loving nations come together, good things happen. Once again we were reminded of this last weekend at Maltstock in The Netherlands, a celebration of fine whisky and friendship like no other in the world.

For several years now the excellent Dutch whisky community has been gathering at Het Buitencentrum in Overasselt every September for Maltstock, a weekend of pure love for whisky. We were there last year and wrote about it, but this year was better still. On Saturday morning, perhaps too early for some but remember – your nose and palate are in top form early in the day, we held a masterclass which was packed to the brim with Old Pulteney lovers keen to work their way through the range one more time.

The 12 Year Old whisky was, as always, pronounced to be an excellent ‘entry level’ single malt and great value for money. The 17 Year Old is our secret weapon and it didn’t disappoint, the clean crisp character and the famous balance of maturity and distillery style hit the spot, especially at that time of the day . 

The 21 Year Old always wins plaudits and this time was no different. The richness and sweetness, partially derived from sherry casks, as always surprised slightly with the sheer intensity and conviction. 

As a special treat for one of our favourite audiences in the world, we brought a single cask bottling exclusively available at the distillery. An ex-bourbon cask laid down in 1990 yielded a whisky which encapsulates the Pulteney style perfectly. On one hand it’s as bright on the nose as a ray of sunshine, brings a fruit cocktail and vanilla ice-cream on a sandy beach to mind, and on the other hand it displays a darker and altogether more serious side, bursting with a leather and salted caramel notes. Needless to say this 24 Year Old beauty was rather to everyone’s liking.

And so another Maltstock is behind us and we’re already looking forward to next rear. Thanks to the organisers and all who attended. Sláinte mhath.

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