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Discover our top USA whisky festivals for 2019

By AppetiteCreative

We’re setting sail and bringing our fleet of whiskies, explore our top whisky festivals for 2019 around the world and discover insider tips.







2019 is looking to be an adventurous year for us here at Old Pulteney as we’re setting off on a voyage with our new fleet of whiskies to festivals across the pond and with the help of our US Brand Education Manager for North America, Steph Ridgway (aka WhiskyChick) we’re heading stateside, read on for our top pick of whisky festivals.

March 2019 – Whisky Advocate WhiskyFest, Chicago

Looking to deepen your knowledge of single malts? Then Whisky Advocate WhiskyFest is the event for you. With various brands present and evening seminars it’s the ideal opportunity to meet distinguished members of the whisky community and learn first-hand how they have mastered their craft.

Top Tip: Arrive a day early and make the most of ‘Whisky Week’ in Chicago, where many whisky bars and shops will host events, where you can meet and share a dram with fellow whisky lovers.

Discover more about Whisky Advocate WhiskyFest, here.

March 2019 – Binny’s World of Whisky, Chicago

The Nth show showcases the best whiskies from the best brands around the world. This is a perfect opportunity for serious whisky fans to come together to taste, savour and discuss fine rare whiskies. During this 4-day destination event in Las Vegas, you can partake in exceptional whisky tasting opportunities, mingle with master distillers and take pleasure in epicurean delights.

Top Tip: While the main event features some of the most amazing whiskies in the world, the show sponsors a smaller ‘high-rollers only’ event on the evening prior to where featured exhibitors showcase some of the rarest offerings from their respective distilleries.

Discover more about The Nth Show, here.

May 2019 – Water of Life Whisky Tasting, New York

This is a whisky event like no other, where the main event is a sit-down event featuring various tables, each one hosting their own mini-masterclass. It’s an opportunity to taste your dream drams in an intimate seated setting, enjoying time with industry insiders while learning about their spirit.

Top Tip: The organisers partner with a local whisky shop so you can purchase any bottles you may find interesting.

Discover more about the Water of Life Whisky Tasting, here.

June 2019 – Whisky Jewbilee, New York

Hosted annually by the Jewish Whisky Co., Whisky Jewbilee is a festival for all lovers of whisky. Whatever your faith, you’re always welcome to join. Whisky Jewbilee features the top talent in the Whisky Community and boasts over 50 tables featuring over 250 brands.

Top Tips: There may be no VIP hour however, some ambassadors do bring ‘special bottlings’, so be sure to ask ‘What’s under the table?’.

Discover more about Whisky Jewbilee New York, here.

October 2019 – Whisky Advocate Whisky Fest, San Francisco

Following a similar event to WhiskyFest Chicago, WhiskyFest San Francisco presents the opportunity to mingle with whisky distillers, master blenders, and other whisky experts who will be present. It’s also the opportune moment to taste a great selection of single malt and blended scotch.

Top Tip: Be sure to go to at least one FREE seminar at WhiskyFest; you’ll be glad you did.

Discover more about Whisky Advocate WhiskyFest, here.

Whisky Jewbilee – Chicago, November 2019

Whisky Jewbilee gathers the top talent in the Whisky community and gives whisky fans the opportunity to sample from hundreds of the world’s finest whiskies and ask the ambassadors, blenders and distillers questions as they pour some of their best spirits.

Top tip: The organizers host special events around the city on the days leading up to the show that are only open to ticket holders so be sure to check out the website to see what they have in store.

Discover more about Whisky Jewbilee, here.

Whisky Advocate WhiskyFest – New York, December 2019

WhiskyFest focuses on education, and with many ambassadors, distillers and blenders present it’s the ideal opportunity to learn about how their whisky is made. The name may be deceiving, as there’s also the opportunity to sample rum, cognac and other spirits from sister brands.

Top tip: VIP tickers always sell out quickly so if you’re interested be sure to grab yours early!

Discover more about Whisky Advocate WhiskyFest, here

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