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They Say – Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

By AppetiteCreative

Today we’re taking a look at what a few people whose opinions we value said about our 17 Year Old.







Part of the beauty of whisky is that everyone perceives it slightly differently. We love to read tasting notes and opinions on our drams and see how they differ from what we think. Today we’re taking a look at what a few people whose opinions we value said about one of our favourite malts of all time – Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

We’ve always thought this to be a bit of a gem but what do others think?

“It’s the clear winner of the night. Oodles of vanilla, and wood spices, integrated wonderfully. (…) This is a class A dram, and I’m happy I got to sample it today. Definitely shoots its way up on my wish list.”

Whisky Israel

“Fruity, spicy and with a hint of sea salt. There’s beach dried seaweed and just a whiff of a fragrant smoke in the background. After a little while the glass is filled with the aroma of vanilla with malty citrus notes and toffee apples.”

Whisky Discovery

“This Old Pulteney 17 years old is maybe the least typical member of the core range. So be it. The vanilla / wax / fruit combo really does it for me. A great dram worth the extra investment over the 12yo.”

Whisky Notes

“This is the rough sea salt and crushed peppercorns you rub on your steak before popping it on the grill. This might be the best of the cores but my jury is still out on that.”

Malt and Oak

“The colour is golden with a hint of amber and the nose is a delicious mix of vanilla, dried fruits (especially sultana), oak, cereals, a hint of liquorice and a whiff of salt.”

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