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Whisky – The Holiday Spirit

By AppetiteCreative

A mature single malt is always an indulgence and that’s precisely what we want to do in December, treat ourselves.







It’s that time of the year again. The nights are long and bitterly cold here at Wick. The sun barely rises over the horizon for a few hours every day and when it does it stays behind a thick layer of clouds anyhow. Any day now we expect a thick layer of snow to slow our lives down while making the Caithness Coast look pristine and crisp once again.

And yet it is one of our favourite times of the year, filled with the smells of spruce, Christmas cake, rich chocolate, stewed cranberries and drams of warming whisky. Somehow, despite the gloom and the cold, everyone here at Pulteney is feeling merry, even on the nightshifts. Bright red Santa hats have made an appearance and we’re all set for those few days of the year when having a little tipple of great whisky is not only a good idea but simply a must. We can’t imagine winter Holidays without a single malt.

It makes so much sense. The rich, intense and rewarding taste of good whisky complements other Christmas flavours and smells so well. A mature single malt is always an indulgence and that’s precisely what we want to do in December, treat ourselves. And in our view there are few better ways to go about it than with some Old Pulteney 21 Year Old, our Christmas Dram of choice this year.

Why Old Pulteney 21 Year Old? It’s lavish and it’s sumptuous, its classic Northern Highland character developed over long years of maturation in both ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks speaks of comfort and warmth. It’s bursting with butterscotch sweetness, stewed fruit richness and dark chocolate bitterness. It’s an embodiment of luxury. At 46% ABV it has a little bit of bite to it which will entice you to savour it slowly, in small indulgent sips, but the silky tannic structure will leave your palate singing sweet winter hymnals to every drop of this liquid gold.

Please let us know what your whisky of choice is this Holiday season by visiting our Facebook page. We know that a few lucky Old Pulteney fans out there will be finding bottles of the 40 Year Old under their Christmas trees but whether it’s the youngest or the oldest Old Pulteney that you’ll be uncorking on Christmas Eve, remember to share it around, after all a fine whisky is best enjoyed in good company.

Merry Christmas.

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