We've docked at Liverpool Food and Drink Festival with local chef | Old Pulteney | Single Malt Scotch Whisky

We’ve docked at Liverpool Food and Drink Festival with local chef

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We’re partnering with leading chef, Aiden Byrne, to bring the mouth-watering experience of our Scotch to Liverpool Food & Drink Festival.







Our award-winning whisky has created an xciting partnership with one of the North of England’s leading chefs, Aiden Byrne.

With Aiden’s help we’re bringing the mouth-watering experience of our ‘maritime malt’ to this year’s Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, which will take place on the 19th and 20th September 2015.  What’s more Aiden be joining our team at the Old Pulteney Driver Bar on Saturday afternoon to offer insights into how you can match your favourite Scotch with food, and, having taken inspiration from the distinctive flavours of our collection he’ll also be serving up delectable food pairings for you to sample alongside a dram.

So, whilst for many a single malt Scotch whisky is a delight usually refrained from until after dinner we hope you’ll agree that with a little food pairing inspiration from Aiden Byrne there’s no need to save your favourite whisky for the end of a meal!

‘All Old Pulteney malts have a very distinctive and instantly recognisable flavour. The complexity of the range allowed me to pick out particular aromatic notes making my job fairly easy. With my pairings menu here I have gone for some very bold flavours in some instances, as the strength and depth of certain expressions allow for brave choices that really show off both the food and the whisky. With other dishes I have chosen much more subtle notes that complement some of the more delicate and complex flavours leading to truly delicious combinations. This was such an exciting task that I have great pleasure in undertaking, and I urge all food and drink lovers out there to explore the delights of pairing Old Pulteney with all manner of culinary styles.’ Aiden Byrne

Aiden Byrne’s Old Pulteney Whisky Food Pairing Menu

Pigeon ballotine, caramelized palm sugar and sea salt on ginger bread

12 year old
Cured snapper, orange blossom water, dried rose, salmon caviar

17 year old
Plum, chicken liver parfait, tobacco and chocolate

21 year old
Lobster, smoked apple puree and rosemary, cannelloni

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