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On World Earth Day (22 April 2021) we have announced a collaboration with kelp restoration non-profit, SeaTrees, making a commitment to plant more than 4,000 mangrove trees globally, and restore 2,665 square-feet of kelp forest.






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We are one of Scotland’s most northerly distilleries based in the coastal town of Wick. Our past, present and taste of the whisky itself, is influenced by our intrinsic connection to the sea, which we are dedicated to protecting.

To celebrate our new partnership, we have released a special US edition of Old Pulteney 12 Year Old Single Malt, which will see $2 from the sale of every special-edition bottle donated to the SeaTrees project, in a partnership to the value of $60K. This will see a minimum of 4,000 mangrove trees planted, sequestering approximately 300 tons of CO2 over the 25-year life of the trees (this equates to more than 100 commercial flights) and the restoration of 2,665 square foot of kelp forest.

Like most Scotch whiskies, our Maritime Malt is a product of its environment. We believe there is a collective responsibility to look after the beautiful natural environments which have shaped the past, present and future of Scotland’s single malts. The project is set to sequester carbon, increase biodiversity and protect over 700 species of fish, invertebrates and algae.

Wave off the coast of Wick

“Since the first barrel of Old Pulteney whisky was filled to serve its thriving coastal community in 1826, we owe our very existence to the sea and wear our title of ‘The Maritime Malt’ with pride. With this partnership, we wanted to give back to the sea that has given so much to us.

“We’ve been working with SeaTrees for years, the work they do is astounding and we’re so happy to officially partner with them.”
 Malcolm Waring, Distillery Manager at Old Pulteney 


“We’ve always worked in partnership with the sea and we couldn’t be happier to partner with The Maritime Malt, Old Pulteney in this latest step in their sustainability journey. We have been so impressed by their commitment to address climate change, not only in their partnership with us, but through their distillery processes too.

“Regenerating kelp forests and planting mangrove trees is one of the most effective ways to suck carbon out of the atmosphere. Mangrove forests sequester 5 times more CO2 than a tropical forest, and the latest science shows kelp forests can sequester even more CO2 than mangrove forests. This presents a fantastic solution to climate change and we’re so proud to welcome The Maritime Malt on board!”
Kevin Whilden, Co-Founder of SeaTrees

As well as the financial donation, we have collaborated with Pritesh Mody of World of Zing to create a limited-edition seaweed cocktail in celebration of World Earth Day, with 10% of sales being donated to SeaTrees. From today, the ‘Coastal Boulevardier’ will be available for pre-order on World of Zing.

The partnership marks the next phase in our sustainability journey. The distillery in Wick has already significantly reduced its carbon footprint by using a sustainable fuel source. The ambitious ‘community heating’ scheme has been running since 2012, and utilises wood chip, which is burned in a biomass boiler, generating steam to drive the distillery stills. Hot water waste from the stills is then recycled into the community’s district heating scheme, heating 250 homes in Wick, as well as two complexes for the retired, and the local hospital.


SeaTrees protects and restores blue carbon ecosystems around the world, including mangrove forests, kelp forests, and coral reefs.

The restoration of kelp or mangrove trees sequesters much more carbon than terrestrial forests, so it’s proven to be an incredibly efficient way to help turn the tide on climate change. SeaTrees works with partners around the world, including in the US and Asia, to plant trees in the sea.

SeaTrees is a project run by Sustainable Surf, an LA based sustainability non-profit which ignites the passion of the surf community to protect its ocean playground. Run by scientists and surfers Kevin Whilden and Michael Stewart, the non-profit runs a number of different initiatives all around the world to support ocean health, including SeaTrees.

Find out more about the SeaTrees Project

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