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Father’s Day Whisky

By AppetiteCreative

Here’s a handful of tips of how to make your dad smile this Father’s Day. Needless to say, they all involve fine whisky.







It’s the beginning of June and one of our favourite holidays, Father’s Day, is almost here. Whether your dad is a rugged old fisherman who sleeps in his beanie hat or a clean-shaven City banker with cold steel in his eyes (we’re sure most dads fall somewhere in between), he deserves to be treated once a year, don’t you think?

Most of us already have a plan but in case you have been quite busy this year or just assumed that an epiphany would come sooner or later but it has not yet materialised itself, here’s a handful of tips of how to make your dad smile this Father’s Day. Needless to say, they all involve fine whisky.

1. What’s your dad like? 

Think about your target. What does your dad like and why? Nobody knows him like you do so you’re perfectly placed to pick a whisky that’s definitely going to be to his liking. For a lighter, creamier, citrusy character go straight for Old Pulteney 17 Year Old. For something sweeter and richer, think the 21 Year Old. To really make a statement pick the complex, mature and intriguing Old Pulteney 30 Year Old.

2. Make a set of it 

Whichever whisky you choose for the old man, remember that the only thing better than giving a bottle is giving a bottle and a gadget. Men love their toys and there isn’t a single exception we know of so adding a couple of tasting glasses to the set is definitely going to go a long way. And if you think about it, two glasses really send a clear message, don’t they? – visit our online shop to pick up Old Pulteney whisky blenders glasses 

3. Make a day of it 

Whichever whisky you choose and however you present it, remember that Father’s Day is above all a great opportunity to spend a day together. If your dad is an outdoors-y type, we’d definitely recommend a long walk with a trusty hipflask. If you’re not sure what to pour in it, here are some tips.

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