A Dram and a Dish Quiz Answers | Old Pulteney | Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A Dram and a Dish Quiz Answers

Multiple Choice Round:

Which region of Scotch whisky pairs best with spicy foods?

b) Speyside
Speyside whiskeys, known for their fruity and honeyed notes, can cut through the heat of spicy food and complement its flavours.

Which type of whisky is commonly recommended to pair with desserts?

d) Single malt Scotch (Lowland)
Lowland single malts, typically light and grassy with notes of citrus and honey, can balance the sweetness of desserts without overpowering them, creating a refreshing and complementary finish.

Which of the following is a common cheese pairing for Scotch whisky?

b) Cheddar
Cheddar’s bold flavour, nutty notes, and contrasting texture create a perfect foil for Scotch whisky’s robust character.

What type of Scotch whisky is often suggested for pairing with seafood dishes?

a) Old Pulteney
Old Pulteney’s sea spray, Maritime character, with hints of salt and brine, complements the natural flavours of seafood.

Which flavour profile pairs well with citrus fruits?

c) Fruity and Floral
Fruity and floral notes complement citrus fruits because they enhance the natural sweetness and brighten the zesty character without overpowering the citrus’s refreshing tang.

Yes or No / True or False Round:

True: Pairing Scotch whisky with cheese is more common than pairing it with chocolate.
Cheese offers a wider range of Flavors and textures, for example salty, sharp, creamy, to create textural and taste contrasts with whisky. In contrast, chocolate’s sweetness often seeks a specific whisky that complements or cuts through it.

True: Scotch whisky can be paired with sushi.
Scotch whisky’s sweetness and smoky notes can complement the umami and delicate flavors of sushi.

No: Is it recommended to pair Islay Scotch whisky with grilled peaches?
Islay Scotch whisky’s strong peaty flavors tend to clash with the delicate sweetness of grilled peaches.

No: Is Speyside Scotch whisky commonly paired with barbecue ribs?
Speyside Scotch’s sweetness gets lost and lacks contrast with the smoky and savoury BBQ flavours.

<strongTrue: Lowland Scotch whisky pairs well with oysters.
Lowland Scotch’s light, grassy notes complement the briny salinity of oysters for a refreshing and balanced pairing.

Match the Food to the Pairing Round:

1. Smoked salmon:

c) Old Pulteney Huddart

Old Pulteney Huddart’s maritime notes, like salt and brine, echo the smokiness of salmon for a harmonious taste experience.

2. Shortbread

a) Speyside
Speyside whisky’s honeyed sweetness complements the buttery richness of shortbread for a truly authentic scotch experience.

3. Haggis

b) Highland
Highland whisky’s peaty smokiness complements the savoury spice of haggis, creating a complex and satisfying flavour combination.

4. Shrimp scampi:

b) Highland
Highland whisky’s smoky notes echo the smokiness of scampi, while its body complements the richness of the shrimp flavour for a harmonious pairing.

5. Blue cheese

c) Islay
Islay whisky’s intense smoke cuts through the sharp bite of blue cheese, creating a harmonious balance of bold flavours.

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